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  • Torah Podcasts with Rabbi Meyers ...
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  • Shemini Atzeret: Make the Most out of Today by Anna Jacoby

    Shemini Atzeret: Make the Most out of Today By Anna Jacoby Honored Rabbi, Madame President, Today, of course, is Simchat Torah, the second day of Shemini Atzeret. Simchat Torah is the Yom Tov Sheni Shel Galuyot, and the last day of the “holidays.”And at this point, many of us are getting tired of the holidays --the cooking, missed work, and time ...
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  • Simhat Torah Devar Torah by Shoshana Menashe

    Simchat Torah Dvar Torah By Shoshana Menashe Moadim L’Simcha – Chag Sameach! Be’reshut Rabbi Meyers, Greetings to our Madam President, and thank you to the entire congregation for giving me the opportunity to share a few words of Torah this morning that are based on an article by Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks. We are finishing up the Chagim – an ama ...
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  • RCA Proclamation on Racism

    For the record, the Rabbinical Council of America formally adopted a "Torah Proclamation on Racism" back in Oct. 30, 2015.I am reprinting the main points of the proclamation given recent events in our country: Whereas the Bible teaches that all humans share one heavenly Father who created us in His Image (cf. Genesis 1:27, 5:1, and Malachi 2:10) ...
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  • Donations to Michal Salomon and Children You can also call the EB office at 722 5500 and donate using your credit card or existing account at EB Thanks ...
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