Though the camp has its very own blog, I thought it might be nice to offer my perspective on life here at Sephardic Adventure Camp 2012.  I just returned this morning with Miriam and our daugther Shani from a night in Seattle, where we visited Gail Ben-Meir in Swedish, as she recuperates from last week's urgent surgery.  Thank G-d, she is slowly recovering, but it's a long road, and we wish her a Refuah Shelema/speedy recovery.  Gail's Hebrew name is Rivka bat Sarah.

birdhousesThis morning, following our camp-wide Tefila, led by Ezra Cohanim and Albert Mezistrano, we came back to the dining hall, only to find that NCSY director Ari Hoffman had arrived with several dozen (low-cal?) Krispy Kreme donuts for the kids and staff. at 9:45 (camp time!) I led the second of a series of learning sessions with the 9-10 year old boys.  Our topic today was halacha and Mesora, and the distinction between halacha and minhag.  An energetic group of boys, including Sammy from Portland, but featuring home-grown talent such as Jo Jo Gladstein, Eli Almo, Ori Amiel, Sivan Shriki, Jacob Benezra and AJ Maimon joined me in a 45 minute session packed full of information and creative thinking. I'm really enjoying the opportunity to learn with the kids this summer! climbing

Speaking of Torah study, I have also had the opportunity for a daily Chevruta with EB's very own Uriel Cohen and SBH's Albert Mezistrano.  Uriel and I are learning Masechet Succah while Albert and I are learning Masechet Bava Metziah.

More updates to come!

(pictures: top left: building birdhouses in the art room
bottom right: "Climbing!" - thank you Rubisa Miriam!)