tishbvnightKudos to veteran EB photographer and media whiz Michael Behar for this beautiful e-poster.  The picture doesn't just capture what took place at Ezzy Bezzy on Tisha Be'av evening this year; it expresses the sentiments of our people throughout the generations since the Hurban Bet Hamikdash, the Destruction of our Temple.  Our sages say that anyone who mourns for Jerusalem merits to see its joy.  Rabbi Mirsky, in his Sefer, Hegyoney Halacha points out that someone who does not believe that they have yet lost a loved one cannot have closure; Ya'akov Avinu, our forefather Jacob, refused to accept words of consolation from his children because he subconsciously sensed that Joseph was still alive; similarly, we Jews hold firm in our belief in the reconstruction of our Bet Hamikdash - we refuse to be consoled!! Paradoxically sitting on the ground on Tisha Be'av is a mourning that expresses a confidence that this mourning will come to an end.