This has been a very trying week for Americans and for members of a Jewish community in Florida. 

By now, nothing more really needs to be said about the horrific bombing at the Boston Marathon.  As I write, Boston police are in the midst of a manhunt for the second bomber, after having killed the first one in a shootout Thursday night. 

In Boca Raton, Florida, 12 year-old Shoshie Stern, daughter of Denise and Rabbi Mike Stern, was tragically killed at an intersection nearly the family home.  The Sterns, whose contributions to Jewish outreach in Philadelphia, Milwaukee and now Boca Raton over the past 20 years is legendary, are still trying to digest the enormity of their loss. shoshiestern

As a congregation that is tuned into what is going on around us, and which waves the banner of Torah, Avoda and Gemilut Hasadim, we should offer a meaningful Jewish response to these two tragedies.

Though we cannot help all of the victims, we can do our part.  There are a number of legitimate campaigns that have been set up to help the Stern family in Boca Raton and Jeff Bauman, the man in the photograph (now viral!) who became a double amputee as a result of the bombing; Jeff was also instrumental in identifying the bombers.

Over the next week, I will be accepting checks for the Discretionary Fund earmarked for the Stern and Bauman families. Please get cash or check to the EB office, or donate online at and choose “Stern and Bauman Family Collection”