urielcohenOne of my Chevruta/learning partners here at SAC, Uriel Cohen, son of EB's Leon Cohen. If you look carefully, you can see the text of the Talmud on Uriel's laptop and my laptop, in the foreground. In the background, the camp art room. We learn at 4:30 every afternoon, and I'm really enjoying it.  

Everything here is running on "camp time" which is an hour earlier than the actual time.....Leon has tried to explain this to me on a couple of occasions, but I still don't get it.  Rabbi Benjy Owen was here until this afternoon, and will be back for Shabbat.  Hazzan Nuna is slated to come out to camp tomorrow.  

on the lake

In the early evening, Rubisa Miriam and I took our 5 year-old out on the lake in a paddleboat.  Very relaxing!  Here's a picture we took of ourselves on the boat: Now, I'm not a great naval navigator.  As a junior counsellor at Bnai Brith Camp in Ontario back in 1978, I guided by cabin (traveling in canoes!) around an island three times before I realized that it was our destination! I can handle paddleboats, though...