Just a reminder that the Seudah Hamafseket - the final meal before the fast - should start in plenty of time to have a meal before the fast.  Candlelighting in Seattle Friday night is 7:06 pm and Kal Nidre begins a 6:45 pm.  

Unlike the Seudah Hamafseket before Tisha Be'av - which is a mournful meal - eggs and lentils and sitting on the ground - the meal prior to Yom Kippur is a festive one. One should wear Shabbat/Hag clothing at the meal; the meal should feature rich foods typical of Shabbat and Festival meals. 

Since it is not Shabbat at the time of the meal, there is of course no Kiddush and no need for Lechem Mishne/(specifically) two loaves of bread.

See you at EB for Kal Nidre!

The Five "Afflictions" of Yom Kippur 

  • No eating/drinking
  • No washing past the knuckles
  • No perfumes/colognes
  • No leather shoes
  • No marital relations