For the record, the Rabbinical Council of America formally adopted a "Torah Proclamation on Racism" back in Oct. 30, 2015.I am reprinting the main points of the proclamation given recent events in our country:

  • Whereas the Bible teaches that all humans share one heavenly Father who created us in His Image (cf. Genesis 1:27, 5:1, and Malachi 2:10); and
  • Whereas the Mishnah (Sanhedrin 4:5) teaches that God created Man as one individual human being to promote harmony among people, so that no one can claim that his origins are superior to those of another person; and, that God's Greatness is manifest in the diverse and unique appearances of His creatures; and
  • Whereas the Jewish people began its history as a persecuted, enslaved people, and is repeatedly adjured by God to remember its lowly origins and to be kind to others in similar circumstances; and
  • Whereas the Jewish people has experienced both great acceptance as well as significant discrimination in the United States and, more broadly, has a continuous history as a persecuted minority; and
  • Whereas the centuries-old American problem of white racism against African Americans continues to be a disgraceful, explosive contemporary reality, with both overt and insidious manifestations

Therefore, the Rabbinical Council of America reaffirms its absolute condemnation of racist speech and deeds.

The statement goes on to say that we should voice our objection to racism in the name of Torah ideals, embrace Jews of all racial backgrounds, and work towards fostering warm relationships with our fellow Americans of races different than our own.