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ARTBWhat Others Say About Dr. Benjamin

"He talks like a performer, acts like a magician, and multiplies faster than a calculator."
--- The Los Angeles Times.

"Someone you can count on!"
--- People Magazine

"This is fun!"
--- Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report, Comedy Central, 2010

"Thanks again for presenting at the Amazon event. The feedback I received was amazing; everyone loved your show. It was *perfect* for the team there assembled. Now my big challenge is how do I even come close to something like that for next year?"
--- Colin Bodell, Senior Vice President, Amazon.com, 2010

"Your gift for mental calculation is truly astounding. The technology, risk management and compliance professionals who attended the Summit were completely captivated by your presentation, and we appreciate the excitement that you brought to our event. You had the complete attention of everyone in the room throughout your entire presentation, and your feats of mind were a major point of discussion for the remainder of the Summit. You inspired us all to use our brains a little bit more, and we will never forget your incredible show."
--- Alex Bender, Vice President of Marketing, Archer Technologies, 2008

"It was great. I only heard positive comments from everyone. Thanks!"
--- Mindy Harris, President, NAGDCA (National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators), 2008

"Doctor Benjamin's presentation ranks among the very best. He is able to entertain, motivate, stimulate, and educate simultaneously, a rare ability that helps to bring the joy of math and science into the lives of his audiences."
--- Dr. Steven Murov, Director, Modesto Area Partners in Science

"Parents, teachers, and children, with multiple layers of math phobia, related easily to your imaginative style of storytelling and theater that brings math to a 'Wow!' level."
--- Sarah Orleans, Director of Programs, The Franklin Institute Science Program

"Dr. Arthur Benjamin made two presentations at Millersville University as part of the 21st annual Brossman Science Lectureship. The audience for the afternoon presentation consisted of 5th through 9th graders. The audience for the evening performance consisted of children through adults including university students and faculty. There was standing room only for both presentations (750 each). These were the largest crowds to ever attend the Science Lectureship. Dr. Benjamin appealed to all ages. His presentations were energetic and humorous as well as being informative. He had people excited about mathematics. One teacher stated: 'Dr. Benjamin was a fantastic lecturer and truly inspiring to the students.'"
--- Dr. Lyman Rickard, Millersville University

"Your presentation at BMS was thoroughly enjoyed by both the students and the faculty. You were phenomenal! You have such a great way of getting kids thinking and enjoying math!! We look forward to having you back in the future."
--- Christy Romano, Enrichment Coordinator, Bow Memorial School

"Arthur Benjamin, the `mathemagician,' wowed the crowd with his demonstration of lightning calculation. It's hard to believe that watching someone do math would be entertaining, but Arthur is a knockout."
--- Magic Magazine, November 2007

"That was one of the most incredible finishing acts we've ever had!"
--- Carmie Henry, Vice President, Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas, 2008

"Arthur Benjamin and his human calculator act is one of the most exciting, entertaining acts imaginable."
--- Academy of Magical Arts Newsletter, January 2010

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