tovposterThis post is a follow-up to the various discussions we had several months ago - in the context of our Fundamentals class - of the political and social changes taking place in the Israeli Haredi community. At the session on yeshiva students serving in the IDF, I emphasized the economic realities - and not ideology - as ultimately determining the direction of this and related issues.  Back at the RCA convention in June, Dov Lipman was a keynote speaker. It seemed clear to me at the time that Rabbi Lipman, now an MK for Yesh Atid, presented a direction that was in sync with the vast majority of the rabbanim at the convention.  Though to some, the economic and political moves initiated by Yesh Atid seemed to be aimed at, G-d forbid, eradicating Torah learning in Israel, to others, the changes are paving the way for a more sustainable religious life for both Haredi Torah scholars and lay people.

Today's Times of Israel reports on another manifestation of the social changes within Israel's religious community. You can see the article at