The IDF Rabbinate Wants You!

idflogoMy good friend, Lt. Col. Rabbi Yedidya Atlas has once again contacted me regarding the needs of IDF soldiers over the upcoming holidays of Rosh Hashana through Sukot.  Here is an excerpt from his letter:

 .... Approximately 40,000 soldiers and officers are scheduled to participate in “Operation Slichot” this year. Among other items, the IDF Rabbinate has leased three locations with multiple lecture halls and rooms in Jerusalem for the pre-Slichot discussions and lectures following the walking tours of the Holy City’s old neighborhoods. 35,000 copies of the special user-friendly Slichot book ….with easy explanations of the T’filot, clear instructions and translations of difficult words and their meanings to clarify context etc. have been printed ....the soldiers and officers walk through the Old City...and end up at the Kotel at 12:30-1:00 AM to join the multitude of their fellow Jews who come every night to recite Slichot. As part of the on-going activities of the IDF Rabbinate to strengthen the IDF soldier’s Jewish awareness and identity and to strengthen the Jewish fighting spirit, “Operation Slichot”, which began 4 years ago with 10,000 participants and last year nearly 30,000 came, and this year there is another increase of some 30%

…..the production and outfitting of another score of Field Beit Knesset kits and Field Aronot Kodesh  for combat companies in the field.. preparing for the upcoming Chagim from new Shofarot to expanded Sukkot; educational projects such as publishing the newly completed and especially written (but as yet unprinted due to lack of funds) book on Jewish family values for married couples where one or both of the spouses serves as an officer or non-commissioned officer in the IDF regular forces.... And third and last, but certainly not least, the on-going Chesed projects, which while concentrate  around Chagim also solve problems of individual soldiers throughout the year. Such cases are the result of the requisite officers dealing with welfare issues in their respective units asking for special assistance for specific cases who cannot get either sufficient or fast enough help through the normal framework in the Ministry of Defense. 

I will take donations from now until Rosh Hashanah for the needs of IDF soldiers—both spiritual and physical.  Last year, we as a Kehilla donated $2000 and provided 3 sukkot for IDF soldiers. Can we rise to the challenge again this year? Any checks should be made out to the EB Discretionary Fund.
On behalf of Lt. Col. Atlas, I thank you!  -
Rabbi Meyers