Here is another in a host of articles detailing the complete chaos in the value system of significant parts of the modern Jewish world. Despite its rather bizarre content, I am very thankful that the Times of Israel has gone ahead and printed the article. I think it beautifully illustrates what happens when we Jews depart from the halachot set forth by the Torah. 

Note the rather frail response by Elliot Dorf to the phenomenon described in the Times: 

“First of all, the depth of the relationship is much greater if it’s monogamous,” Dorff said. “The chances that both partners are going to be able to fulfill all the obligations of a serious intimate relationship are much greater in a monogamous relationship. I would say the same to gay or straight couples: There should be one person you live your life with.”

An example of the halachic reasoning of Elliot Dorf can be found in the famous 2006 Conservative rabbinical assembly ruling you can find here:

The full Times of Israel article can be found here: