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Community Programs & Events

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Ladies Auxillary

Learn more about our EB Ladies Auxiliary, a lively group of volunteers who help bake the best Sephardic foods around and organize amazing events! Interested in ordering some delicious Borekas, biscochos, bulemas, bakalava, or more? Click below to find out how! 




Interested in applying for Spanish or Portuguese Citizenship? We can help! Ezra Bessaroth has been certified by the Spanish and Portuguese Governments to provide documentation attesting to an individuals Sephardic heritage. Click below to find out more and how we can support the process. 

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Adult Education

Interested in connecting more with Judaism in a Sephardic setting? Join us for our weekly Jewish education classes, monthly Shabbatons, and community lectures with various Rabbis, Jewish educators, scholars-in-residents, professors, and more! 

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Youth Program

Interested in finding a place where your children can thrive? Come join us at EB! We're proud to have a strong youth program dedicated to supporting our community's children, their Jewish education, and personal growth. Find out more about our program and what we do that's so special. 

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Sephardic Young Professionals

The Sephardic Young Professionals of Seattle is an exciting new and joint initiative of the Seattle Sepahrdic Community and the National Sephardic Community to help provide a venue where young professionals of Greek Jewish and Sephardic descent can come together in a fun, meaningful, and welcoming environment. 


Sephardi Fest

Join the Seattle Sephardi Fest as we celebrate the unique  Sephardic heritage of Ezra Bessaroth. Experience authentic kosher Sephardic foods and homemade Greek pastries, live Sephardic music, an outdoor marketplace full of vendors, arts and educational activities for kids, and much more!

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