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EB Ladies Auxiliary

Sephardic Learning Kitchen Videos


The Ezra Bessaroth Ladies Auxiliary regularly scheduled "hands on" cooking/baking classes, where participants could learn to make their own Sephardic delicacies, and take some home after the class.  These fun events were well attended by people of all ages.  With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the in person classes were suspended, but the Ezra Bessaroth Ladies Auxiliary  continued the fun with Sephardic Learning Kitchen events online via zoom.   While the "hands on" in person classes had a charge associated with them to cover the cost of ingredients, the online classes are free!   

Below are links to videos of our past online classes.  We hope you enjoy them!

Make Masapan with Jamileh Behar

Ingredients:  8 oz. raw slivered almonds (available at Trader Joe's), 1 & 1/3 cup powdered sugar, egg white from 1 large egg, food processor

Make Karnabit (fried cauliflower) with Linda Capeluto


I head cauliflower - cut into medium pieces

2 large eggs or 3 small eggs

1/2 to I cup flour - start with 1/2

Oil for frying


Comida and Rice

 1-14 or 16 oz can tomato sauce for the comida and rice

I medium onion

Juice of at least 1 lemon

Salt and pepper 


1 medium to large pan for frying

1 medium pan with lid for the tomate

I medium pan for rice

Yaprakes with Marlene Souriano Vinikoor


Persian Rice with Rita Sikavi

Ingredients list

Burmuelos with Dalia Amon

Ingredients list


Moroccan Salmon with Ruti Younker

Ingredient list

Make Travados with Dalia Amon


Make Fulares with Bina Alhadeff


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