COVID 19 Guidelines

for in person services

 (Either outdoors or indoors)


Anyone displaying possible symptoms of Covid-19 including but not limited to:  Cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, loss of taste or smell or other symptoms as may be found at may not attend.   Also, anyone without these specific symptoms but who does not feel well may not attend.

If one has been infected with COVID-19 or has self-quarantined because of exposure to an individual infected or suspected to have been infected with COVID-19, she/he must be symptom free for at least two weeks in order to attend.

If you have traveled away from home (greater Seattle area) in the past 14 days, please don’t attend. 



  • Pre-registration is required to attend; supervisors will admit one person at a time, so please arrive a few minutes early.

  • Seats/chairs will be disinfected after each day’s use.   

  • Wash your hands before leaving home.

  • All attendees must be socially distanced at least six feet apart and must wear masks.  Please bring your own face mask if at all possible. We have a very limited supply.

  • Please bring your own hand sanitizer as necessary.

  • Bringing your own siddur and chumash is encouraged. 

  • Bring your own tallet.  Tallets may not be shared.


Restroom use:  procedures will be posted in the restroom regarding cleaning/disinfecting after use.   Social distance must be maintained in the restrooms as well.   Bathroom use – limited to two people at a time in the bathroom.   Boxes of gloves will be available outside the bathroom, to be used when using the restroom/touching handles.   Hands are to be washed thoroughly (proper handwashing procedures posted in our restrooms already) and door is to be opened using a paper towel or glove to exit the bathroom.  Gloves are to be discarded prior to handwashing.   

Social distancing must be maintained throughout the service as well as before and after.  This includes the Torah service, for which procedures will be explained at the time of services. 

  • Children under bat/bar mitzvah  age are not permitted and those over the age of 65 or in a high-risk group (i.e., diabetic, high blood pressure, heart or lung disease etc.) should consult with their physician in order to attend. 

  • Other services will take place at the synagogue at a later date, possibly in August.

  • Weekday and Sunday services will continue on ZOOM at this link   The password is  EB2020 . Have questions about accessing our online tefilot. classes and events? Send an email to    

  • Morning services on ZOOM take place Mon-Fri at 7:00 am, and Sundays at 8:00 am.


Immediately notify the synagogue office ( or 206-722-5500)  if you develop any COVID-19 symptoms/concerns. Do not wait for more formal medical consultation and/or testing for confirmation. Do not attend any minyanim at Ezra Bessaroth until the symptoms and concerns are resolved, as determined by a competent medical professional.


The issue of attendance has been addressed in our literature and others’ guidelines. We encourage you to adjudicate in your own mind and after consultation with medical professionals if attendance beginning July 4 is prudent on your part.


You acknowledge that you are attending all services at your own risk


These policies were created after consultation with EB members who are medical professionals and after reviewing other institutions'  policies.

Failure to follow the procedures outlined here will result in an attendee being asked to leave.

There will be no kiddush or Seudah Sheleshit on Shabbat for the time being.

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