EB Ladies Auxiliary


The Ezra Bessaroth Ladies Auxiliary is the strength, backbone, and heart of our community. Whether it’s the annual bazaar, cooking for Sephardic Adventure Camp, replacing the refrigerator, fixing the roof, paving the parking lot, or helping the synagogue financially, they have always devoted their time, energy, and love to our community. 


Since 1916, the Ladies Auxiliary has been an integral part of many wonderful events that enrich our community. In times past they sponsored plays and held mother-daughter-son dinners; today, they host vibrant mahjongg tournaments and weekly baking sessions. These baking sessions preserve the traditions they inherited while building lifelong friendships. Everyone — all ages, women and men, are invited to join the ladies as members or volunteer bakers as they pass on this wonderful tradition to future generations.  The Ladies Auxiliary also provides hands on baking classes, where participants make Sephardic delicacies and take them home.  Watch our website "Events" list for these classes, which are titled "Sephardic Learning Kitchen" events.

The Ladies Auxiliary offers delicious Sephardic treats like borekas, biscochos, and baklava for purchase throughout the year. For more information on rates, and available orders, contact office@ezrabessaroth.net. All our products are cooked in the synagogues kosher kitchen, under the supervision of our masgiach, who is a Vaad certified kosher caterer.  

UPDATE:  The Ladies Auxiliary hasn't been baking  lately, but you may view some of their oh so fun Sephardic Learning Kitchen events, online.  Click here to view links to classes that have already taken place (with recipe/ingredients), and to read a bit more about Sephardic Learning Kitchen events.