Sephardic Resources

Ezra Bessaroth is proud to offer various Sephardic and community resources for the Ladino-speaking Sephardic communities originally from the former Ottoman Empire. These include local connections, national programs, Sephardic community institutions, and connections to our own synagogue customs. 

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Sephardic Liturgy & Hazzan Isaac Azose

Interested in learning Sephardic Hazzanut & liturgy? Learn more from our own Hazzan Emeritus Isaac Azose.


Sephardic Studies

Find out about cutting-edge research going on with the Seattle and global Sephardic community.


National Sephardic Community

Connect with other Ladino-speaking Sephardic communities across the country though the National Sephardic Community.


Sephardic Adventure Camp

Send your kids to SAC, one of the only Sephardic overnight camps in the United States.


Sephardic Customs

& Traditions

Want to find out about our Sephardic foods, traditions, customs, and language? Connect with our roots from the Island of Rhodes.


Seattle Sephardic Brotherhood

Learn more about the Chevra Kedisha and Burial Society, including benefits, educational scholarships, and annual events.