Sephardic Young Professionals of Seattle


The Sephardic Young Professionals of Seattle is an exciting new and joint initiative of the Seattle Sepahrdic Community and the National Sephardic Community to help provide a venue where young professionals of Greek Jewish and Sephardic descent can come together in a fun, meaningful, and welcoming environment. By building off of our shared culture and heritage, we host professional and social programs that help us advance our careers, our community, and our Jewish education. We aim to connect the next generation of Sephardic Jews in the Seattle metropolitan area by offering a setting where we can share ideas, knowledge, traditions, and business opportunities. We welcome descendants from Greece, Turkey, the Balkans, and other traditionally Ladino-speaking Sephardic communities. If you are interested in getting involved and are in your 20s or 30s be sure to reach out! Contact our Community Development Director Ethan Marcus at or come join us for one of our events, classes, parties, or programs!

Recent Programs & Events

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